Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Bearly There! This website is my playground :-]

I hope to make this a sort of timecapsule. I want to share things I'm currently reading, playing, viewing, and creating so I have quick reference points for any ideas I share on the MelonLand Forum, with penpals, or my friends IRL. You can check out my blog for some more personal thoughts about what's happening in my life, or you can look around and discover the different books, games, music, and other art I've been into recently and my thoughts on them. You can find my contact info on my about page, so feel free to email me about anything that pops up here, whether that be a piece of art you like, or a typo you found while surfing.

Of course, I'm also using this site to convince folks to make their own websites! I've been hounding many of my friends to join me in webcrafting, and if you're reading this and don't have your own little slice of heaven I encourage you to join me as well!

That's all from me for now, go exploring!

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